Do You Prefer Spin Bike or Recumbent Bike?

Several people worry about the workout because when they start working on the different machine, then trainer ask you to concentrate on a single equipment for a long time until you reach the target. You always keen to show your true potential and get some results. However, the curiosity takes the best in your, and it would make you wonder on the machine which you have not tried it for such a long time.

There are several other fitness equipment in the GYM which is left untouched by you even end of the day. At some point, you get the opportunity to workout on it, and you do so, but the result varies, and you get confused over it.

The result is astonishing but confusing at the same time, but the both Spin bike and Recumbent bikes are different from one and another. You get confused over the issue because of the workout you were doing the past and after trying the spin bike, your choice changes.

So let’s decide which one is much more suitable for the exercise. To judge between them, we need to understand the differences and the comfort with the results. So let’ compare the differences between the Spin and Recumbent bikes.

Differences in the Flywheel

Spin Bike

Recumbent Bike

Commonly, the main differences you would find on the Spin Bike is the flywheel. The spin bike has the heavier flywheel than the recumbent machine. The purpose of the heavier flywheel is to increase the intensity of the workout. In simple words, the more you increase the power, the heavier it gets to peddle. You have to make a serious effort to turn the wheel, and the pressure of your legs would be higher than the Recumbent one. Recumbent bike is lighter than the spin bike, and there are several other bikes which are lighter than a recumbent bike. However, when you compare the metrics and workout then the Recumbent one is lighter and does not consume much effort to spin the wheel with your legs


If you use the Spin Bike for half hour then the calories you burned in half hour would be less on the recumbent bike. The intensity is high on spin bike but with not recommended for beginners.

Comfort & Bottomline

Spin Bike: I would recommend the bike for those who are young and want to workout for hours on it. There are several other reasons why you should go for it, but the primary reason is that the Spin model would burn more calories than a recumbent model under same time. 

Recumbent Bike: If you are someone who is suffering from obesity then you should go for it because it does not have any negative impact on you. If you are a senior who wants to be fit, then the light version of Spin Bike is ideal for seniors.


If you are concerned about the price, then you should not worry about it. Spin Bike cost less than recumbent bikes, but with proper care, these bikes will last for decades. Also read best elliptical machine reviews from here.If you have something to share with the community, then you can comment below.

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