Month: September 2017

Difference Between A Treadmill And An Elliptical Machine Which Are Used For An Efficient Workouts

A treadmill and an elliptical machine is a common workout equipment which are visible in every gym. Both of them are considered as the best cardio machine as both provides you with effective cardiovascular workout and at the same time helps to burn calories in a shorter period of time. It also helps to improve aerobic capacity. To gain the best benefits of both the equipments, you need to have a daily workout or a particular time period.

Although both of them has the same objective of burning calories and cardiovascular workout, there are various differences between each other. In this article, we would discuss about the difference between a treadmill and a best elliptical machine.

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Treadmill benefits

Instead of differentiating each other, we can discuss about the benefits and limitations which would give us a clear image about the difference between a treadmill and an elliptical machine.

  • Well researched

Treadmill was introduced since 1800 and till now it is considered as one of the best cardiovascular workout equipment. Since then, it has faced various development and added features which attract the users. The other reason for increasing demand for treadmill is nothing but due to its long year of survival people naturally tend to trust the machine. So, a treadmill has created a blind trust among the users due to which even today it is being used by millions of people.   

  • Flexibility

A treadmill provides a wider range of flexibility. There are various level of speed, incline and also various different types of training programs which helps the user to select the right one for him and have a convenient workout daily.  

  • Complete your workout in your own way

If you are person who loves to have a jogging in the early morning but does not have a proper place for that then use a treadmill. A treadmill helps you to sprint, walk and have a jogging. You can select the appropriate one according to your health condition and enjoy your workout

An elliptical machines benefits

  • Full body workout

A best elliptical machine will help you to have a whole body workout. It not only helps you to burn calories but also improves the muscles and bones of the whole body. The only thing you need to do is step into the paddles and start running or walking according to your convenience. All body parts of a body is important and it is necessary to provide a daily exercise to the whole body.

  • Does not require any regular maintenance

Various types of treadmill requires frequent maintenance which is wastage of money. A best elliptical machine does not require any regular maintenance but you need to give a proper care.

Limitations of treadmill

  • Safety issue

Comparing to a best elliptical machine a treadmill provides poor safety measures. For instance, if you are using incline sprints then you need to be skilled enough to use that as it can be causing injuries to the users.

  • Posture problems

According to a study, it is proven that the size of the belt which is present in the treadmill tend to change the way they are walking or running due to which they end up with various posture problems and muscle imbalances.  

Limitations of an elliptical machine

  • Less effective

A treadmill helps the user to change the incline speed which provides an efficient workout for them daily but it cannot be found in most of the elliptical machines. Due to this, the user does not get grab an effective workout daily.

  • Less weight bearing effect

Although an elliptical machine helps you to prevent from injuries and accidents, there is also a drawback of it. As the elliptical pedals are suspended off the ground, they lack from weight bearing effect. The importance of weight bearing effect is nothing but it helps to improve and strengthen your muscles and bones of the body. This factor is very beneficial for people who are older in age as weight bearing effect helps to prevent the user from osteoporosis.


There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a machine. It all depends upon your needs and demands. So, select the one which can surely satisfy your needs and requirements.