About Us

We are a grass roots performing arts collective that brings the global struggle for womens rights to life on stage for audiences to live and breathe activism in action. We focus on creating a bond between the performer and the audience, which has the supplementary benefit of deconstructing sociocultural factors like race and ethnicity, thus creating a universal kinship for the advancement of women culturally through unity of all peoples. Sequentially, we then utilize the idea of theatrical etiquette, in which the audience customarily remains silent during a performance, to mirror the silence of society to illuminate apathy and complicity which acquiesces to violence, objectification, and subjugation.

In so doing, we transform many non-traditional theatergoers, who have never considered themselves activists, into vocal opponents to violence culturally, physically, and structurally against women.

Upon conclusion of the theatrical experience, we make information available for how patrons can continue to ally with Price of Silence in ending the war on women, and building a global culture of equality, dignity and liberty so that all women can realize their potential.